Born in the UK, Kim and her family relocated to Florida in 1998. Having taken her Florida Esthetician License, Kim went on to be a Skin care and Personal Image Consultant.

Having found a career she loves, she then moved into the Medical field as a medical Esthetician, working with a Cosmetic Surgeon and also a Certified Anti-Aging Specialist. She has had the good fortune to increase her education in California, training with two of the best Dermatologists in the USA, Dr. Obagi famous for the Blue Chemical Peel, and Dr. Bitters training in photo aging, photo facial procedures as well as certifications in Chemical peeling, Glycolic peeling, and other types of skin exfoliation. Kim also attended a course of Dermatology for the Non-Dermatologist, which took and in depth look at skin cancers, acne, rosacea, and other problematic skin conditions.

With this wealth of knowledge and her flair for business, Kim has started her own Skin Care Salon here in Sarasota, with the excellent skincare products, facials, wraps, Bio-Theraputic Dermatology, and microdermabrasion treatments.

Kim is also a certified nutritionist, personal trainer, and exercise specialist.

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